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My family recently received some news that we never thought we would have to deal with. My mum who is 54 went to the hospital as she wasn't feeling herself, what initially was suspected to a blood clot on the lung turned out to be extensive stage small cell lung cancer. Even more confounding was that it had spread to the liver, brain and lymph nodes.


The average life expectancy for somebody at this stage is 2 - 4 months. Treatment with chemo therapy only has a 4% chance of extending life. My dear mum has decided to live her last days without that intervention and enjoy the small amount of time she has left.


Discussions you never expect to have with a relatively young woman, especially your mum are details such as her funeral or what she would like to do before she passes. She will leave a husband, 4 children and 3 grandchildren.


Now I could spend this time being upset, grieving and asking why? What I wish to do instead is give her the best couple of months of her life, filled with experiences and activity's that she has always dreamed of. I wish to support her in this way and build memories for the rest of the family that they can cherish forever. As well as provide any care that is within my power. 

I thought about how I could fund all of this and a normal donation page, or a charity event just didn't seem right, The Crypto and NFT community have been great places to be involved in over the last few years so I wanted to do something centered around that community.

I've decided to hurt my body by letting the internet fuel me with Ethereum. For every 0.01 Eth donated I will walk, run or jog 1 kilometer. The entire journey will be blogged about on this site. 

I would be extremely grateful to anybody who can either donate 0.01 Eth or share the page within their own community's and spaces. This page will also serve as a place where I can blog my mums final months with all the happy memories I seek to make. At the same time as punishing myself over hopefully hundreds of kilometers. 

Forest Gump ran for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours. We can beat that right?


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